Francisco Grippa
Francisco Grippa
BBVA Research - Principal Economist

Francisco Grippa is Principal Economist of BBVA Research in Peru. Francisco is in charge of a team focused on the macro assessment of the Peruvian economy.

Francisco has previously been the Peruvian ViceMinister of SME and Industry, President of the Board at the Peruvian Research and Competitiveness Fund (FIDECOM), and Member of the Board at the Labour Training and Employment Promotion Fund (FONDOEMPLEO), the Innovation, Science, and Technology Fund (FINCYT), and the Commission for Promoting Peruvian Exports and Tourism (PROMPERÚ), among other similar positions. He has also worked leading the Peruvian Central Bank’s monetary policy department.

He holds a MSc in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science (London, UK), a MSc in Finance from the Graduate Programme in Economics, Finance, and Management at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain), and a BA from Universidad del Pacífico (Lima, Peru). Francisco’s research includes macroeconomics issues such as monetary policy, inflation targeting, dollarisation, among others, and sectoral analysis.

Latest publications

Without major surprise, in May the Central Bank cut once again its policy rate by 25bp, bringing it to 5,75%. We estimate that from now on the monetary normalisation process will unfold more gradually, closely following the behaviour of core inflation and the foreign exchange.
Economic activity will rebound this year as the negative shocks that affected it in 2023 revert and the environment for private sector spending improves. Output is expected to grow 2,7%, higher than our three-months-ago forecast (2,0%), as weather anomalies related to the coastal El Niño phenomenon have been less intense.
The economy will contract 0,4% in 2023, negatively affected by successive shocks. The impact of most of these shocks (except for El Niño) will vanish in 2024 and economic activity will grow again (2,0%). The recovery will be completed in 2025, with output growing around 3,5%.