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Mexico | Is it the end of DACA for 800,000 Dreamers? 630,000 are Mexicans

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The DHS will not be accepting new DACA applications and after 5 October there will be no further renewals. The underway initial and renewal requests will continue to be processed and will not be affected, and the current DACA benefits and work permits will be maintained until their expiration, which could be in up to 24 months


Tuesday, 5 September, saw the beginning of the end of DACA, which means an uncertain future for about 800,000 Dreamers who are benefiting from the deferred action, of which some 630,000 are Mexicans

Trump is leaving the future of the Dreamers to Congress and is asking them to work on immigration reform based on US interests. It is not clear that Congress will be able to reach an agreement within the next six months

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