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Mexico | New April record for remittances: US$2,306 million


Remittances to Mexico amounted to US$2,306 million in April, 6.2% more than in the same month of last year. This is the biggest ever figure for the month of April; March also posted a new record for that month


Due to the uncertainty about the decisions that the US government might take on immigration policy and remittances, we expect to continue to see fluctuations in the rate of growth in remittances, but with an overall positive trend

May is usually the month in which the most remittances are received, because of the Mother’s Day festivities. We reckon they could exceed the US$2,534.6 million received in May 2006 and come close to the all-time record for a single month, which was US$2,637.7 million in October 2008

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