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Mexico | Remittances accumulate US$13.9 billion in the first semester,growing 4.5% in June


During June, Mexico received US$2,417 million in remittances, +4.5% over the same month last year. This is the largest amount from remittances registered for a month of June



In real terms in pesos, remittances fell by 4.1% due to the recent appreciation of the peso against the dollar. This had not been observed since three years ago, in June 2014. Even so, the amount of remittances in June 2017 amounted to 34,781 million pesos that reach households in Mexico

The level of unemployment in the United States continues at relatively low levels, 4.4% in June, which also favours the employment of Mexicans in that country and the sending of remittances to Mexico

In the first semester Michoacán (US$1,415.8 million), Jalisco (1,3417 million) and Guanajuato (1,2295 million) were the states that received the most remittances; Nuevo Leon (+23.6%), Sinaloa (+19.0%) and Colima (+16.0%) were the fastest-growing

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