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Banxico continued following in the footsteps of the Fed and lifted the policy rate by 75bp, to 10.00%, as widely expected. Banxico will likely still match December’s Fed hike but a decouple in February seems now possible.

Banxico will continue following in the footsteps of the Fed and will lift the policy rate by 75bp, to 10.00%. The main question going forward is whether Banxico will stick to its strategy of matching every additional Fed hike or will start to discuss decoupling as soon as in December

Banxico will most likely stick to following in the footsteps of Fed’s upcoming hikes .

There’s a lot of tightening still in the pipeline: Banxico will likely match the (now larger) Fed’s expected rate hikes .

Banxico raised the policy rate by 75bp to 7.75% and signaled that another hike of this size was possible at its next meeting, but also that a larger hike was unlikely

There is (now) a wide consensus that Banxico will match Fed’s expected hikes through December, taking the policy rate to 9.50% by year-end

The hiking cycle has much further to run, the question is whether Banxico will frontload the hikes or take a more gradual pace once core inflation starts to ease

This Agenda presents the 2022 dissemination schedule for economic indicators and relevant monetary policy events in Mexico and the US; dates of important events such as the meetings of various relevant international entities such as: World Econ…

The hiking cycle has further to run but the Board might take the foot off the gas in coming meetings if core inflation starts to ease

Core inflation pressures will remain the focus of the Board .

The Central Bank will most likely hike again in December, but not at a faster pace; the probability that the hiking cycle continues in 1Q22 has increased .

A strong core inflation print and a further rise in 12-months ahead core inflation expectations will keep Banxico in a tightening mode