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While manufacturing gained momentum in the middle of last year as bottlenecks abated, the sector has lost momentum in recent months as demand slows amid higher interest rates.

On December 16, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador proposed an initiative to reform the Aviation Law that would authorize foreign airlines and parastatals to operate in Mexican territory.

The BBVA Manufacturing Multidimensional Indicator grew 4.2% in November (YoY), 4.2 pp below the previous month; the figure represents the lowest since March 2022 and marks a turning point after the recovery period that the sector showed in the …

Mexico would face challenges on several fronts in the face of a massive arrival of production from Asia through Nearshoring. The most relevant challenge would be faced by the National Energy System, which would experience a growing and accelera…

Economic growth in 2023 will be modest and driven by services. A drop in the secondary sector (mainly via Manufacturing) is anticipated due to the general slowdown of the economy. Industrial and tourist entities recover first.

In the middle of 2022, the Construction sector continues to grow, 0.5% above that presented in the middle of 2021, driven by Civil Works, Building continues to contract. Bank mortgage credit in 2022 with discrete growth, has taken the lead. A high concentration is observed at the state level.

The BBVA Multidimensional Manufacturing Indicator (BBVA MMI) grew 8.7% in October (YoY), 0.6 pp above the previous month (8.1%).

Economic activity grew 1.0% QoQ in 3Q22, with prolonged dynamism in the tertiary sector (1.2%) and industry (0.9%); cloudy outlook for 2023 (BBVA 0.6%).

This Working Paper offers rigorous statistical evidence on the influence of the reduction in mobility, derived from the COVID-19 pandemic, on the concentration levels of pollutants that affect air quality in the Metropolitan Area of the Valley …

Despite the gradual normalization of global trade, less expansionary fiscal policies, and efforts by central banks, inflation remains high. We might wonder if this persistence in inflation is a result of large corporations exercising market pow…

The BBVA Multidimensional Manufacturing Indicator (BBVA MMI) grew 8.1% in September (YoY), 1.2 pp above the figure last month.

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has increased the relevance of foreign trade in the Mexican economy, and led to a deep structural change of the Mexican economy.