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2 diciembre 2019

Turquía | Crecimiento positivo por primera vez desde el 3T18

Por 1ª vez desde 3T18, la economía tuvo un crecimiento positivo interanual (0,9% a/a, 3T19), sin alcanzar el 1% de las estimaciones del consenso. El PIB subió 0,4% en términos trimestrales, una pérdida de impulso frente al 2T19 (1,2% t/t). Mantenemos previsión 0,3% (2019), con riesgo alcista moderado; estable en 3% (2020).

8 agosto 2017

Turkey: Strong … and accelerating activity

Annual growth in industrial production (IP) was 3.4% yoy in June (cal. adj.) confirming our robust economic activity forecast for overall 2Q, as IP growth in 2Q reached up to 4.5% yoy from 1Q’s 2.1% reading. Our monthly GDP indicator (GBTRGDPY index at Bloomberg) nowcasts 5.1% YoY GDP growth in 2Q. We think that risks are o…

26 agosto 2010

MICA-BBVA: A Factor Model of Economic and Financial Indicators for Short-term GDP Forecast…

In this paper we extend the Stock and Watson’s (1991) single-index dynamic factor model in an econometric framework that has the advantage of combining information from real and financial indicators published at different frequencies and delays with respect to the period to which they refer.