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In this release of our Regional Sectoral Outlook is set apart by the change of base year in August 2023 with an updated perspective of the sectoral and regional composition of the Mexican economy. During 2024, the GDP of Finance could grow the most (5.3%), followed by Management (5.3%) and Entertainment & Recreation (4.5%)

Spanish GDP growth forecast in 2023 is maintained at 2.4%, and the forecast in 2024 is revised down to 1.8%, given the declining global outlook, particularly in Europe, in an environment of high uncertainty. Added to this is the increase in oil prices.

BBVA Research, through its GDP Tracker tool, monitors the performance of the economy in real time and makes short-term GDP forecasts. For the second quarter, the GDP tracker forecasts YoY GDP growth between 0.1% and 1.3%. In addition, for the t…

Economic growth through 2023 will be modest and driven by services. A drop in the secondary sector (mainly via Manufacturing) is anticipated due to the slowdown in the economy. Tourist entities lead growth.

Economic growth in 2023 will be modest and driven by services. A drop in the secondary sector (mainly via Manufacturing) is anticipated due to the general slowdown of the economy. Industrial and tourist entities recover first.

After a first half of the year in which the Spanish economy displayed a degree of momentum, the outlook for the second half is rather darker. A few months ago, we were hoping that the north winds would help to clear the skies, but they now appear to be bringing a storm with them.

Growth in Spain will remain high in the 2022-2023 biennium. Pandemic control, the use of pent-up savings, accelerating NGEU funds, ECB measures and high spare capacity would offset the effects of bottlenecks and higher energy prices.

Spain's growth expectations for 2021 and 2022 are moderated to 5.2% and 5.5%, respectively. These figures are weighed down by a number of negative factors such as disruptions in production chains, rising energy prices and delays in the implemen…

Economic recovery is still solid in that the Q1 GDP registered a record-high year-on-year growth rate of 18.3%. The authorites are phasing out their policy stimulus. More policy attention has shifted to winding down the legacy debt caused by th…

The Spanish economy could contract by 11.5% in 2020 and grow by 6.0% in 2021. The fall in GDP exceeded 20% in the first half and it is estimated that the recovery in the third quarter would have been 14% t / t. In any case, a significant slowdo…

Turkish Economy grew by 4.5% yoy in 1Q20, lower than expectations (5.5% Our vs. 4.9% Bloomberg). Seasonally and cal. adj. quarterly growth also decelerated to 0.6% from the previous 1.9% in 4Q19. We still maintain our GDP growth forecast at 0% for 2020, assuming a partial gradual recovery pattern in the rest of the year.

Turkish Economy grew by 6% yoy in 4Q19, leading the whole year GDP growth to be realized at 0.9%, beating the consensus but parallel to our initial forecast of 0.8%. We remain prudent and maintain our GDP growth forecast at 4% for 2020.