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Mexico | Five social & labour programmes from the 2nd consultation would cost 0.85% of GDP

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Although the consultation indicates that the new refinery in Dos Bocas will cost 50 billion pesos (0.22% of GDP), we consider that it refers only to the first stage, since the incoming Secretary of Energy, Rocío Nahle, estimated that it would cost 160 billion pesos (0.69% of GDP) and would be completed in 3 years.


“Young people building the future”: providing scholarships and job training to 2.6 million young people who have no opportunity to work or study (NEET) could cost 133.92 billion pesos, on average 22.32 billion pesos per year (about 0.1% of national GDP)

“Sowing Life”: seeking to combat rural poverty and environmental degradation through agro-forestry plantations of timber, fruit and agro-industrial trees, as well as cornfields interspersed with fruit trees, could cost at least 13.2 billion pesos in its first stage in 2019 and 24 billion pesos in subsequent years (close to 0.1% of the national GDP)

“Pensions for the Elderly”: doubling pensions and making them universal for adults aged 68 and over (and 65 or over for indigenous people) could increase the annual cost of the current programme from 39.473 billion pesos to 104.015 billion pesos (0.45% of GDP), that is, it will require about 64.542 billion pesos more than has been budgeted in 2018

“Benito Juarez Welfare Scholarships for Upper High School Education”: granting a universal scholarship to upper high school students enrolled in public schools that will have an estimated annual cost of 32.939 billion pesos (0.14% of GDP)

“Pension for people with some form of disability”: paying a pension to one million people with some form of disability could cost an annual 15.288 billion pesos (0.07% of GDP)

The consultation takes the view that the “Mayan Train” project will cost 150 billion pesos (0.65% of GDP) that would be covered by public and private investment

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