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Turkish economy grew by 4% y/y in 1Q23 in line with market expectation (vs. 3.9% consensus and 4.3% ours). Assuming no sharp normalization in economic policies ahead of local election in 2024, we expect GDP growth to be in the range of 4-5% in 2023 on the current strong momentum and expected loose policies.

The rules versus discretion debate is back on the table, focusing not only this time on monetary policy (where central banks are having a hard time convincing the markets that inflation will return to target), but also on the reform of European fiscal rules.

In the first quarter of 2023, GDP grew 3.0% YoY and domestic demand fell 0.1% YoY, due to the deterioration of fixed investment and inventory deaccumulation. External demand contributed positively to growth. BBVA Research has a slight upward bi…

GDP grew 0.2% YoY in March. Primary GDP grew 8.5%, particulary the mining sector, supported by Metal Mining production. The non-primary component of GDP, however, remained negative in March. This occurred in a context of adverse weather conditi…

The MXN has reached 17.55 pesos per dollar, its lowest level since May 2016. This latest movement of appreciation was triggered by the publication of the inflation number for April in the United States, which reinforced the perception that the …

In 2022, GDP growth in the Basque Country would have reached 4.4%. The recovery is expected to continue in 2023 and 2024, with advances of 1.3% and 2.9%, respectively. GDP and GDP per capita could return to the pre-pandemic level this year.

BBVA Research forecasts that Andalusia's GDP will grow by 1.3% in 2023 and recover pre-Pandemic levels. By 2024, the increase in activity will accelerate to 2.4%, and during that year it is expected to be able to recover GDP per capita.

The Chinese economy rebounded significantly in Q1 with 4.5% higher-than-expected growth. However, we need to pay attention to the recent deflationary pressure amid economic recovery.

GDP contracted 0.6% y/y in February. Primary GDP remained positive due to the performance of the Metal Mining and Fishing sectors. On the other hand, non-primary GDP fell again, affected by the negative results of the Non-primary Manufacturing …

Over the last two years we have witnessed numerous changes to the pension system in Spain, making it more generous, but less self-sufficient, with a larger structural deficit, no adjustment for increased life expectancy and greater dependence o…

In 2022, Spanish GDP growth again outstripped the eurozone average. Moreover, import prices rose further, enabling the country to maintain its current account surplus and therefore reduce its reliance on external funding.

Consumption picks up again in the first quarter of 2023, which continues to boost the most touristic regions. Furthermore, the more industrially oriented territories are benefiting from the gradual disappearance of bottlenecks and lower energy costs.