Published on Wednesday, December 8, 2021

China | Striving to win the battle against climate change

The COP26 finally took place in Glasgow. This report analyses why China's pledge is so important to the world’s ongoing campaign against climate. It also summarizes a number of challenges China faced and stock-takes policy levers which can help the country to achieve its ambitious carbon neutrality target.

Key points

  • Key points:
  • Despite the noises around the COP26, China’s determination to tackle climate change is serious.
  • China has ample reasons to be serious about its campaign against climate change because its failure means the failure of humankind.
  • China faces multiple challenges in achieving carbon neutrality, but China's advantages in clean energy and NEV can provide material and technology basis for the country to achieve its carbon neutrality target.
  • In order to meet its ambitious target, China needs to profoundly transform not only its energy sector but also the way people live, which requires the government’s intensive engagement.
  • In addition to its control of the energy sector, there are a number of policy levers that China’s government can use to achieve its carbon neutrality target.

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