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img_publication Outlook

Financial Regulation Outlook. First quarter 2019


Regulatory authorities’ work programmes for 2019. Last steps in the negociation CRD V. CRD V negotiation: Resolution issues. Contingency measures for a no-deal Brexit. Habemus a Macroprudential Authority in Spain. Trends in digital regulation.


  1. I am a regular reader of the financial regulation information and appreciate it very much. – In respect to the Financial Regulation Outlook. First quarter 2019, I would like to make you aware that in the reporting on CRD, you are using the expression G-SII (which usually refers insurers) where as the content is linked to banks, i.e. G-SIB.
    Kind regards

    1. Dear Urs,
      We appreciate your comment. In the articles we use the term G-SII as it is presented in the ECB Glossary: “Global Systemically Important Institution”. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that the insurers’ alternative is also very common. We will bear this issue in mind for future publications, in order to improve our articles.
      Thank you again for taking the time to read our publication.
      Kind regards,

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