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Large Language Models have revolutionized the Artificial Intelligence (AI) landscape since they were first developed in 2017 when a group of Google researchers wrote their now famous "Attention is all you need".

The analysis of how climate-related acute physical events affect the economy must consider their unique aspects: brief duration and specific localization. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are instrumental in this analysis, for which three case studies are shown.

The growth of the Colombian economy was exceptionally low in 2023, registering at 0.6%. The primary culprit for this outcome was the steep decline in investment. Concerns extend beyond the short term, as the low investment rates will constrain …

In this publication you will find, on a weekly basis, our selection of the most relevant news regarding financial regulation.

Ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict escalates; 29,092 Palestinians killed, 69,028 injured in Gaza since Oct 7. UN Security Council fails to reach consensus in emergency session. Yemen’s Houthi rebels attack US drone, British ship. Russian opposition …

The increasing development of short-term climate scenarios is driven by enhanced supervisory expectation for a comprehensive understanding of the effects of climate change. Their design is a work in progress blending narratives, shocks and modeling tools.

In this publication you will find, on a weekly basis, our selection of the most relevant news regarding financial regulation.

This article analyzes the main advances in the implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA), approved in the US in 2022. With a total budget of 416 billion dollars, it is the largest climate investment in the history of that country.

Doors seem to have closed to the possibility of a rate cut in March. Fed’s need for “more good data” to achieve “greater confidence” of the ongoing disinflation process has been recently supported by recent strong job creation data and signals …

The Colombian economy expanded by 0.6% in 2023. The deceleration accentuated in the second half. Domestic demand contracted by 3.8%, weighed down by a decline in investment and the modest increase in private consumption. The external sector pro…

Israel's rescue operation in Rafah freed two hostages, resulting in 67 Palestinian deaths. The conflict's toll rises, with UNRWA under scrutiny. Guterres calls for renewed aid, as Hamas evaluates intel, and Egypt faces pressure over safe corridors.

When the central bank initiates a rate reduction cycle, all eyes are focused on commercial banks and how market rates adjust. So far, market rates have fallen significantly more than those of the BanRep.