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Mexico | 98,470 votes from Mexicans abroad in 2018, 140% more than in 2012

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The preferred candidate of Mexicans abroad was Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who gained 63,863 votes, 64.86% of the total, followed by: Ricardo Anaya Cortes with 26,344 votes (26.75%), José Antonio Meade Kuribreña with 4,613 votes (4.28%) and Jaime Heliodoro Rodríguez Calderón with 1,868 votes (1.90%).


In Mexico’s 2018 presidential elections, 98,470 votes were cast by Mexicans living abroad, 140% more than in the 2012 presidential elections (40,714) and three times as many as in the 2006 elections (32,621)

Nearly 50% of the votes cast by Mexicans residing abroad were concentrated in five states: Mexico City (23,842 votes, 24.21%), Jalisco (8,141, 8.27%), Puebla (6,015, 6.11%), Estado de México (5,604, 5.69%) and Michoacán (5,415, 5.50%)

76,174 or 77.17% of the vote-envelopes for the presidential elections came from Mexicans living in the United States, followed by Canada (5,042 vote-envelopes, 5.11%), Spain (2,989, 3.03%), Germany (2,667, 2.70%), the United Kingdom (1,934, 1.96%) and France (1,801, 1.82%).

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