Published on Monday, March 11, 2024

Mexico | Financial Regulation. February 2024

We present a summary and analysis of the most relevant developments and publications in Mexico's financial regulatory landscape.

Key points

  • Key points:
  • Adjustments to financial laws' administrative procedure aimed at increasing financial firms’ legal certainty regarding the imposition of fines and penalties.
  • CNBV. Changes to the Single Banking Rulebook regarding the definition of core capital (prepayments and deferred charges); banking licenses (suppression of “niche banks”); financial information of bank-owned real estate and services-providing firms, and reporting on foreclosed assets.
  • Banco de México. Adjustments to the rules governing ordinary additional liquidity assistance, revising permanent liquidity facilities' (guaranteed loans and repos) maturity and interest calculation, among others.
  • Banco de México. Addition of "Bondes G" and "Bonos MS" (ESG securities) to government-debt exchange rules.
  • Banco de México Notice of proposed rulemaking: adjustments to derivative rules to allow the transitory use of the soon-to-be-retired 28-day "TIIE de Fondeo" interest rate for certain Swaps and standardized derivatives.

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