Mexico | Sustainable financing could reconcile productive networks and biodiversity

Published on Thursday, January 26, 2023

Mexico | Sustainable financing could reconcile productive networks and biodiversity

The challenge for commercial banking consists in channeling resources towards “green” activities that promote biodiversity, generate value spillovers in ecological terms, and do not sacrifice long-term efficiency in the productive network.

Key points

  • Key points:
  • Social and business awareness has fostered the gradual incorporation of environmental consideration in the various stages of value creation in an economy, generating a redefinition of production and consumption processes towards relatively more sustainable means.
  • A global analysis to understand the interdependence that exists between the productive network and the relationship architecture defined by an ecosystem is essential to know in depth the structure of costs and benefits that one dimension implies in the other.
  • In Mexico, a country with great wealth in terms of natural resources, the ecological impacts derived from the productive network reflect the institutional reluctance to incorporate ecological considerations in decision-making.
  • Climate change, food insecurity and the emergence of diseases are a reality that our country suffers daily and that are a consequence, to a large extent, of the loss of biodiversity.
  • Commercial banks could align their strategy to guarantee the promotion of biodiversity and minimize the damage that its loss generates in social welfare and economic efficiency in the long term.

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