Published on Monday, August 28, 2023

Global | Harnessing the opportunities of digital disruption

Depending on how Spain manages, regulates, governs, and adapts to digital disruption, it will be able to take advantage of its opportunities to become a more prosperous and productive society, with more and better jobs, and less inequality.

Key points

  • Key points:
  • Digital disruption has the capacity to influence or affect virtually all human activities, posing considerable challenges though also offering major opportunities.
  • Technological progress has the potential to improve productivity and we are already seeing this happen.
  • Innovation is essential as we transition to carbon-neutral societies and in meeting the challenges of demographics and an aging population.
  • The strategy for digital disruption to be successful in Spain is to improve human capital and ensure that our labor market is no longer an anomaly within Europe. This will be achieved by encouraging investment in physical and technological capital, making Spain one of the leaders in Europe when it comes to institutions and regulations, with more efficient public administrations and greater legal security, and setting up a welfare state so as to ensure that the digital transformation process does not generate inequalities and that its benefits extend across all of society.

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