Published on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Document number N.º 20/03

Long series of GVA and regional employment by sector, 1955-2018

This paper describes the construction of the sectoral module of the RegData FEDEA-BBVA database. The RegData regional series of employment, employed and salaried persons, GVA, average salaries and salaried wages are broken down into six large sectors, and services are tentatively broken down into three others

Key points

  • Key points:
  • In the FEDEA-BBVA Module of REgData, the disaggregated sectors are: i) agriculture and fisheries, ii) mining, energy and water, iii) manufacturing industries, iv) construction, v) market or sales services excluding private health, education and social services and vi) public or non-sales services plus health, education and social services, both private and public
  • A tentative breakdown of the market services sector into three sub-sectors is also constructed
  • The series covers a period of more than six decades, between 1955 and 2018, which will allow for long-term sector analysis at the regional level
  • GVA is offered at current and constant prices

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