Published on Thursday, February 15, 2024

Spain | Monitoring of the Recovery Plan. February 2024

72.7 billion euros, 91% of the planned total, has been approved over the lifetime of the Recovery Plan, but only around 33.5 billion (42% of the planned amount) have been resolved. In total, it is estimated that the funds would be reaching more than 500,000 businesses and families.

Key points

  • Key points:
  • In the absence of a single and public source of information, this report uses the analysis of PLACSP and SNPSAP data to complete the monitoring of the Plan's investments and programmes.
  • Investments related to digitization, the urban agenda and sustainable mobility continue to be the government's priorities, absorbing more than 52% of the Plan's spending.
  • 2023 execution and the first data for 2024 show a slowdown in the launch of new programmes. More than 20.5 billion euros would have been tendered and called during 2023, 40% less than in 2022. However, the resolution of tenders and grants (with an amount of more than 15.8 billion euros in 2023) would have reached its cruising speed.
  • In total, by the end of 2023, contracts worth more than 24.7 billion euros have been tendered and grants for 45.3 billion euros have been awarded, of which 72% and 35% have been resolved, respectively. These would have financed more than 12,500 contracts with companies, and around 500,000 companies and families would have benefited from the subsidies.
  • Almost 70% of the beneficiaries are from the Digital Kit or MOVES programmes (298,137 and 51,793, respectively). With MOVES, almost 1.4 billion euros in subsidies have been announced and 560 million euros have already been granted. The Digital Kit calls for proposals would reach 1.7 billion euros with an amount granted of around 1.38 billion euros.

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