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In this work, a model has been developed to find out the deviation of housing prices from an estimated equilibrium level, both at regional and provincial level, as well as to forecast its evolution. The results obtained show the high heterogeneity of the Spanish real estate market.

One issue that regularly comes up in the real estate market is knowing whether or not house prices are overvalued, especially when prices increase several quarters in a row. There's no easy answer, because it requires comparing the price with its equilibrium price.

August data showed a recovery in home sales and mortgage credit. Thus, after a period of regulatory uncertainty, the sector could be gaining traction. In addition, after the correction last May, construction activity recovered levels of previou…

The loss of traction in the real estate market was somewhat more intense in the early summer months. The contraction of sales in the last months has been reflected in a moderation of the growth of housing price in 2Q19. On the other hand, const…

In December, neither sales nor mortgage origination made up all the ground lost in October and November, ending the quarter with a loss. This was in a context of job creation, but lower household confidence and greater uncertainty in the sector…

Home sales grew in September, but at a slower rate. Credit approvals for home purchases nevertheless rose more in October than in previous months. Prices continue to trend upwards, but less sharply in Q3 2018. While building authorizations fell in September, the industry did continue creating jobs.

The Spanish real estate market continues to perform well. Job creation intensified in October, confidence rose in September and financial conditions remain favourable. Home sales thus grew in August and, while approvals suffered a bit of a correction that month, residential investment has risen substantially in Q3 2018.

General Counsil of Notariates data reveals that 38.845 homes were sold in May, 10,9% less than in Marchafter correcting for stationarity. With this trend, in line with what was expected after the positive surprise in April, in the first five mo…

According to the General Council of Notaries, 39,461 homes were sold in April. Seasonally adjusted, 18.7% more than in March. With this evolution, better than expected, in the first four months home sales grew 18.0% over the same period last ye…

In March 2016 38.352 homes were sold according to data from the General Council of Notaries. Seasonally adjusted, 11.2% less than in February. With the end of March, a quarter where the sales performance decreased progressively concluded. How…

In January 2016, 27.568 homes were sold according to the General Council of Notaries. After correcting the series of seasonal variations, sales experienced a growth of 20,4%, above what was expected, which translates to an interannual growth of 26,6%.

In December 2015, 41.420 homes were sold according to the General Council of Notaries. After correcting the series of seasonal variations, sales experienced a month fall of 5.0%, which resulted in a quarterly decline of 2.8%. Nevertheless, in 2015 401.236 household transactions were closed, 8.6% more than in 2014