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November 22, 2021

Spain | Coincident indicator model for housing prices

At BBVA we introduced a new indicator built with Big Data, based on the appraisals used in the bank's regular activity, to strengthen price monitoring in the sector. In addition, we built a set of models to improve estimates in real time.

July 22, 2019

Spain | Construction activity remains in the face of sluggish demand

The sale of housing recorded a slight rise in May despite the favorable determinants of demand. The mortgage market showed greater dynamism than sales and the tone of housing starts remains in a context of recovery of perception of the sector by entrepreneurs

June 26, 2019

Spain | The housing market maintains the loss of dynamism in the beginning of 2Q19

Although conditions remain favourable, home sales are sluggish. On a regional scale, the evolution of sales in 1Q19 showed a high disparity. Nevertheless, the price continues to rise. The variables related to construction activity do not anticipate major advances in the coming months

May 29, 2019

Spain | The price of housing intensified its rise in most regions in 1Q19

Despite the sluggishness of sales in February and March, house prices maintained the growth trend in 1Q19 and in most regions rose more intensely. Visas maintained an upward trend, the decline in February offset part of the rise in January.

November 24, 2017

Colombia | El sector vivienda: perspectivas y retos

En un seminario esta semana sobre el sector inmobiliario, organizado por Camacol Bogotá y Cundinamarca, tuvimos la oportunidad de poner un foco en lo que está pasando en términos de inversión e inventarios del sector, pero también de las expectativas.

May 8, 2017

Spain | Real Estate Outlook. May 2017

The evolution of the real estate industry in the first months of the year was positive. Housing sales maintained its growth pace supported by strong employment and mortgage credit. The construction activity maintained the dynamism. Positive surprises in the macroeconomic scenario introduce an upward bias in the sector forec…

March 24, 2017

Spain Real Estate Outlook. March 2017

The housing market recovery is consolidated. Madrid, the Mediterranean axis and the islands are leading the recovery. The growth in sales is driving prices and building. Positive expectations for 2017 with a more moderate tone.

February 6, 2017

Spain | Moderation of sales does not reach building

The sale of housing maintains the moderation of growth of the last months. However, the determinants of demand remained robust, and so it seems that they will continue, after knowing the employment data and consumer confidence for the month of January. At the moment, the behavior of sales does not affect the construction ac…