Colombia latest publications

May 31, 2019

Colombia | The economy in its gradual recovery process

Last week they published data on the growth of the Colombian economy in the first quarter of the year and the large figures show a gradual and orderly recovery as expected. Within the recovery highlights positively the progress in investment in machinery and equipment and civil works.

May 17, 2019

Colombia| Inflation increase in April is transitory

April's inflation was the highest figure for the year but we believe it is a transitory increase and that at the end of the year it will return to the Bank of the Republic's target of 3% per year. Inflation recently published for April surprised the rise and stood at 0.5% per month above expectations.

May 13, 2019

Colombia | Digital environment of Colombian companies

An analysis of use and access of the tools for the digital era in Colombian companies, such as: electronic devices, Internet, electronic commerce, large volumes of information, among others. We analize variables that define the adoption and penetration in the company as size and economic sector

May 10, 2019

Colombia | Digital presence in Colombian households

An analysis of digital adoption trends in Colombian households has been carried out, taking into account the different variables surrounding the use, access and enjoyment of digital technologies.It has also highlighted some shortcomings in Colombia's digital infrastructure.

May 3, 2019

Colombia | The role of domestic demand in growth

In our recently published report on prospects for the Colombian economy, we highlighted the leading role that domestic demand is set to have in the coming years. Within this role, there will be disparities between its consumption and investment components and between its private or public sources. In line with this, domesti…

April 29, 2019

Colombia | Colombian consumer profile

A profile of the Colombian consumer was created by analyzing different variables that determine their consumption decisions, such as: age, sex, income, household size, source of income, form and place of payment, purchasing power and consumption habits.

April 16, 2019

Colombia Economic Outlook. Second quarter 2019

Internal demand will continue to support growth in a low interest rate environment.

April 15, 2019

Colombia | The contribution to companies' productive growth should be defended

In recent weeks, I have spoken to several colleagues about how companies are undervalued by the varied group of people who make up the general public.