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18 junio 2019

Turkey: Some negative signals from April IP

IP(cal. adj. ) contracted by 4% yoy in April, worse than market expectation (-2.5%). The deceleration in the yearly contraction still continues but loses some steam. Though, supported by the current momentum and positive base effects of 2H19, in absence of new shocks, we maintain our GDP growth forecast at 0.3% for 2019.

31 mayo 2019

Turquía | La recesión técnica llega a su fin, pero persisten los riesgos

Economía turca se contrajo 2,6% en términos anuales en 1T19. Técnicamente ha salido de recesión a medida que crecimiento trimestral estacional y corregido a efectos del calendario se volvió positivo en 1,3% tras declive sufrido en los tres trimestres consecutivos anteriores. Mantenemos previsión crecimiento PIB: 0,3% (2019)

9 octubre 2017

Turkey: Robust Activity in 3Q

In August, industrial production (IP) growth came in at 5.2% yoy (cal.adj.) and retail sales index’ growth rate accelerated further. As August data signals further acceleration in the economic activity, our monthly GDP indicator (GBTRGDPY Index at Bloomberg) nowcasts 8.2% growth for 3Q (26% information for September).

27 julio 2017

The CBRT Strengthens its Credibility

The Central Bank kept its interest rate corridor unchanged. Bearing in mind the stickiness in inflation and the ongoing high momentum of the economic activity, we expect the Bank not to find enough room for monetary easing until the end of the year when the headline will fall towards 9% thanks to favorable base effects on f…

4 julio 2017

Turkey Monthly Economic Monitor | June

Recovery in IP continues with the support from both exporting and domestic demand oriented sectors. We expect the GDP growth in 2Q to accelerate even further, as early signals from May suggest a growth rate close to 6%. Turkish lira stabilized at 3.50-3.55 band as global and local factors balance each other and the CBRT m…