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11 noviembre 2011

Dynamic provisioning: a buffer rather than a countercyclical tool?

Why is the financial system procyclical and what can be done.
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1 noviembre 2011

Provisiones dinámicas: ¿amortiguador o herramienta contracíclica?

Presentación para LACEA sobre provisiones dinámicas en Noviembre de 2011

17 mayo 2010

Dynamic provisioning: Some lessons from existing experiences

After analyzing the different reasons why the financial system and also the regulatory framework induced procyclicality, this paper reviews the experiences of three countries which have introduced dynamic provisioning as a regulatory tool to limit procyclicality.

9 febrero 2009

The Spanish Approach:Dynamic Provisioning and other Tools

The financial crisis of 2007–08 has drawn the attention of regulators and market participants to the severe consequences of pro-cyclicality in the financial system.