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January 31, 2020

U.S. Auto Sales Chartbook. January 2020

New vehicle sales were 16.9 million in 2019, 1.7% less than in 2018. Although still solid, 2019 sales were the lowest since 2014. We expect new car sales to slow down further in 2020, due to slower economic growth and less affordable vehicles.

April 2, 2018

Electric vehicles: the race for the mass market

The car industry is definitely turning to developing and marketing electric vehicles. Worldwide, the investment already announced is around $90 billion, and it is forecast to continue growing. It is also expected that big car manufacturers will have dozens of new electric models on sale to the public in the next few years.

April 5, 2016

Situación Automotriz Colombia 2016

Ajuste del sector automotor en línea con el crecimiento económico. Las ventas de autos serán de 260 mil unidades en 2016. Continuará el ajuste de las importaciones y el aumento de cuota de mercado del ensamblaje nacional. En 2017 las ventas de autos serán de 280 mil unidades. En adelante, buenas perspectivas, con ventas de…

February 29, 2016

U.S. | Auto Dealerships: Destined for Disruption

Lowering restrictions on direct distribution could benefit consumers and promote innovation. Autonomous cars and over-the-air updates offer safety and convenience gains. Prevalence of ride-sharing services demonstrates shifting perception of purpose of cars. Greater understanding of the connected consumer will give dealers …

June 1, 2015

Spain | Demand of passenger cars increased in May

After seasonal adjustaments, BBVA Research estimates indicate that the number of registered passenger cars rose more than expected in May . Both the individual channel, helped by the adoption of PIVE-8, as the professional contributed positively to the performance of sales

May 4, 2015

Spain | End of PIVE and anticipated purchases, led to a lower demand for passenger cars

After seasonal adjustments, BBVA Research estimates pointed to a higher reduction of passenger car registrations than expected. The end of vehicle incentive purchase plan (PIVE) and reduced demand after Easter led to a negative contribution from all channels to the evolution of sales

April 1, 2015

Spain | Passenger car registrations increased again more than expected in March

BBVA Research estimates that the number of passenger car registrations in March surprised to the upside, after seasonal adjustments. All channels contributed positively to the performance of sales. On balance, the first quarter closed with a quarterly increase of 12%

March 27, 2015

España | Situación y perspectivas de la economía española. Foco en el consumo

IX Congreso Nacional sobre el crédito al consumo, Madrid (25 de marzo de 2015)