DiGiX: The digital transformation index to assess the objectives of the NGEU in Spain

Published on Friday, June 18, 2021

DiGiX: The digital transformation index to assess the objectives of the NGEU in Spain

The digitization ​of the economy is an essential ingredient for sustainable growth and social welfare. ​A good digital transformation plan requires a diagnosis of the starting point. The Digitalization Index (DiGiX) is a tool that allows such a diagnosis for the Spanish regions.

Key points

  • Key points:
  • In 2020, three Autonomous Communities are above the average level of digitalization in Spain as a whole, the Community of Madrid, Catalonia and the Community of Valencia, and have been setting this trend for the last three years
  • In terms of fiber optic coverage, the Community of Madrid is in the lead, with the highest percentage of homes covered (97%). At a considerable distance are less densely populated regions such as Castilla y León, Cantabria, Extremadura and Galicia, where the percentage of homes covered ranges between 65% and 50%
  • The regions with the highest number of frequent Internet users are those whose population has the best digital skills. However, it is also observed that regions with a higher proportion of the population that uses the Internet frequently should have higher digital skills
  • Spanish SMEs are lagging behind with respect to the use of the cloud and big data for decision making, compared to the rest of the EU countries. Investment is needed to help offset the destruction of economic activity by encouraging innovative and stable entrepreneurship
  • Spain, compared to the rest of the EU-28 countries, has relatively high levels when it comes to interacting with public administrations via the Internet. C. de Madrid, Cataluña and C. Valenciana have the highest levels of interaction. La Rioja and the Canary Islands also have a higher percentage of users of public digital services than the Spanish average.

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