Published on Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Global | BBVA Research Big Data Geopolitics Monitor. February 13, 2024

Israel's rescue operation in Rafah freed two hostages, resulting in 67 Palestinian deaths. The conflict's toll rises, with UNRWA under scrutiny. Guterres calls for renewed aid, as Hamas evaluates intel, and Egypt faces pressure over safe corridors.

Key points

  • Key points:
  • UN Secretary-General urges reinstatement of UNRWA funding amid discovery of an alleged Hamas data center under its Gaza headquarters by Israeli forces.
  • Hamas reviews a ceasefire proposal in three phases, aiming to release Israeli hostages without ending the war. The plan prioritizes releasing women, children, and the elderly, with Gaza's aid contingent on Hamas's approval.
  • Egypt debates Gaza aid and resists refugee corridors amid IMF warnings. The war risks economic instability in Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan, exacerbating global slowdowns and rising debt costs post-COVID.
  • Middle East tensions persist, with escalating protest indicators in Europe and ongoing unrest in some emerging countries. Protest indicators in Ecuador remain volatile, and Argentina faces renewed economic policy protests.

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