Published on Tuesday, March 26, 2024

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The Israel PM denies the United States request of stopping Rafah’s offensive. The UN wants to alert Israel about the necessity of a ceasefire due to the disastrous humanitary consequences. For its part, the United States abstained from voting at this UN proposal.

Key points

  • Key points:
  • 4 countries of the European Union (Spain, Ireland, Malta and Slovenia) will take first steps toward recognising statehood declared by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli West Bank, something that Israel has cataloged as a “terrorism award” that will harm a potential agreement.
  • After the accusations from Vladimir Putin pointing Ukraine as the main actors behind the Moscow attacks, the vice president Kamala Harris came out denying them. Meanwhile, the Afghan affiliate of the Islamic State group attributed to themselves the responsibility for those attacks.
  • The geopolitical tensions have increased in the Middle East specially in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Also notable is the increase In the United States, which have entered the high geopolitical risk area.
  • In the wake of the attacks in Moscow, the geopolitical tension has significantly increased in Russia and Ukraine. The attacks have also affected some of the EU countries, such as France and Italy, both of them raising their terrorist alert.
  • In Latam, the increase in geopolitical tension can be seen in some countries such as Brazil or Mexico, again having some of their countries entering the high risk area like Argentina or Venezuela.

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