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The housing sector is in a deceleration phase: low sales, high cancellations, and increased finished inventories. Certainty about VIS subsidies, reduced interest rates, and improved household financial balances will aid recovery, expected to be slow, gradual, and solidified by 2025.

At the end of 2022, the outlook for the residential sector was bleak. It was assumed that house sales and house prices would contract in 2023. Sales fell, but prices rose.. By 2024, the sector is expected to go from strength to strength and to consolidate a change in trend as 2025 approaches.

December's inflation increased to 3.4%, driven by a monthly variation of 0.3%. At 3.9%, core inflation rose by 0.3% month-on-month, influenced by used cars and shelter; the latter remains a key factor for the expected decline in inflation in th…

Going forward, the real estate market will be exposed to factors that will put negative pressure on demand. For example, interest rates are expected to continue rising and the 12-month Euribor is expected to stabilize above 4% and remain there …

The COVID pandemic coincided with a surge in housing prices in several countries, especially some of the richest, despite the fact that at the same time there was an exceptional slump in economic activity that would normally have led to a sharp…

Home sales have been rallying since the second half of 2020, yet supply is barely growing. If the factors behind the sector’s sluggish recovery are not promptly addressed, the resulting pressure will push prices even higher.

In the coming months, the real estate sector will be conditioned by the downward revision of economic growth, the war in Ukraine, the shortage and high inflation of construction materials, the foreseeable rise in interest rates and the persistence of regulatory uncertainty.

Home sales have increased in the last year, far more than expected in an economy that saw GDP fall 10.8% in 2020 — with sector indicators offering plenty of evidence of the strength of demand.

The real estate sector has good growth prospects and will lead the country's economic recovery process. It will be driven by medium and low priced new housing. Meanwhile, higher-value housing, used housing and the non-residential sector will ha…

GDP contracted by 8.7% in the third quarter of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019, while housing sales increased by 4%. In Spain we are used to housing being the cause of recessions and being one of the last sectors to recover. The vigor …

One issue that regularly comes up in the real estate market is knowing whether or not house prices are overvalued, especially when prices increase several quarters in a row. There's no easy answer, because it requires comparing the price with its equilibrium price.

The FHFA house price index increased solidly in January, hitting 6% YoY growth. Existing homes median sales prices in February decreased considerably. We expect the FHFA index to grow around 4.9% YoY in 2016, compared to 5.6% in 2015