Published on Friday, August 7, 2020

Argentina | Real-Time Consumption Monitoring (Aug 7, 2020)

Strong impact of the Hot Sale in the last week of July, especially in "non-essential" items. Fuel and Construction sales showed slight signs of an incipient recovery that needs more data to start setting a trend. The lockdown period has started to set new behaviors.

Key points

  • Key points:
  • The payments made during the last week of July captured the strong and transitory effect of the Hot Sale promotions, highlighting Home and Travel. The Food and Health categories were indifferent to the event.
  • The Fuel category continues to moderate the fall as mobility indices improve.
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs have decreased in frequency but risen in amounts since the beginning of the social isolation. However, despite the relaxation of the situation, there is no return to the previous level. There is also a change in preference for the use of debit cards as a means of payment.
  • The Food item concentrates most of the card expenditure in the countries surveyed by the BBVA indicator. In all cases there was a significant increase at the beginning of the isolation announcements.

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