Published on Friday, September 18, 2020

Argentina | Real-time consumption monitoring (Sep 18, 2020)

Consumption in September is still weak, a behavior that is reflected in most categories. Debit cards are being used more often than credit cards, and for higher amounts. Based on data from the CPI-INDEC, we found evidence of a direct relationship between mobility and inflation.

Key points

  • Key points:
  • Consumption retracted again during the second week of September, with a fall in services greater than that of goods.
  • The different categories do not show significant changes in the trend that has been outlined during the last few days, with most of them remaining in negative ground.
  • Our customers are using more debit than credit cards for their transactions, and for higher amounts.
  • Less food consumption is being made on Sundays and Mondays but more during the rest of the week, while fuel expenses retracted significantly on Saturdays and Sundays and increased on the other days.
  • Based on INDEC's CPI data, we recreated Google's mobility indexes to analyze the dynamics between inflation and mobility, showing a direct relationship between both.

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