Published on Monday, April 10, 2023 | Updated on Monday, April 10, 2023

Colombia | How is the social situation of Colombians?

A description of the social situation of Colombians, not only with figures on poverty and income, gender gaps, labor market, among others, but also identifying its determinants, their performance and some policy proposals to achieve a better social balance of the country.

Key points

  • Key points:
  • The presentation has six sections. The first one is an introduction with the poverty figures for the country and the path to be followed in the following sections. In sections two, three and four, the characteristics and determinants of the social situation are studied through the figures for Colombia, their relationship with poverty and a review of the literature. In addition, some topics are discussed in depth, which complement the main body of the presentation. The fifth section shows the results of the statistical models. In the sixth section, as a manner of conclusion, some policy recommendations are given to boost the determinants of the country's social situation.
  • The characteristics that relate to the social situation of Colombians are: employment, education, housing, public services and health. The performance of these is the result of some previous actions and policies.
  • The determinants of the social situation are: economic growth, inflation, social security, subsidies, digitality, social capital, social infrastructure and financial inclusion. These variables should be the main objectives of public policy because they are the ones that leverage well-being. With them, a statistical model was built and policy actions were recommended.
  • Maintaining a sound and stable macroeconomic environment, greater social inclusion, a good allocation of public resources (in equity and productivity) and greater access to new technology, credit and infrastructure are powerful tools for reducing poverty and improving the social situation. The paper presents specific policy recommendations in this regard.

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