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Roberto Maeso Benito

Roberto Maeso Benito is an economist for Latin America at BBVA Research since 2017. He has previously worked as a research assistant in the economics department at IESE Business School and performed internships in the international trade departments at OECD and UN.


He obtained a bachelor degree in Economics from Carlos III University of Madrid in 2015, conducting exchange programs at the University of Warwick and the University of New South Wales. In 2016, he completed the Master of International Trade, Finance and Development by the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics.

Latest Publications

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Urbanisation, digitisation and growth in Latin America

By ,

It is little known that Latin America is a region which is as urban as developed economies and much more so than other emerging regions. How can the region take advantage of the opportunities generated by its high level of urbanisation?

Geographies:Latin America

Available in Spanish, English